Save the Date: 2016 International Invitational

By: Tina Shaffer

The 2016 International Invitational is heading to Qatar! The official date for the 2016 Destination Imagination (DI) Qatar International Invitational is February 25-28, 2016. The Alfaisal Without Borders Foundation and Destination Imagination, Inc. look forward to welcoming your team to this exciting event. Teams from the Gulf region and our International Affiliates will be able to showcase their Challenge solutions and explore the beautiful city of Doha.

The International Invitational will serve as the National Tournament for Qatar as well as the hosting body for other teams from around the Gulf region. With more than 500 local teams expected from the region and international teams from 10 countries, The Qatar Invitational will be a global cultural event and an international celebration your team will not want to miss!

Over the coming weeks, DI Qatar will be releasing more information about registration, housing and cultural tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do teams outside of the Gulf region request an invitation?
While called an “Invitational,” teams do not need an official invitation to attend. However, teams that would like to attend must have a Destination Imagination Team Number.  Please visit the Start a Team page to purchase a Team Number.
How many international teams are able to take part?
Qatar is limiting international team participation to 50 teams. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration will open in late August and remain open until 50 teams have registered or December 31, whichever happens first.
What are the requirements for participating international teams?

  • All international teams must have a Destination Imagination Team Number.
  • In the event that an on-site Challenge is developed, all international teams will be required to participate.
  • International teams may present their Challenge solutions for DI Team Challenges, but are not required.
  • International teams cannot qualify for Global Finals at the event.
  • Teams that participate in this event must also participate in an official DI Tournament, such a Regional or Affiliate Tournament, during the 2015-16 season.

Are there any language requirements?
No, teams from any country can compete in their language of choice.  You will indicate which language your team would like to use during competition as part of online registration.
When can our team arrive?
Your team will be welcomed to Doha, Qatar starting on February 23 and must depart by February 29. Any teams arriving or departing outside of those dates must take care of their own accommodation and airport transfers.
Who is invited?
Anyone is able to attend – so bring your siblings, parents and super fans!
Do our participants need Visas?
Most countries can purchase a Visa on Arrival. For more detailed information please visit the Embassy page of your home country. Every participant will need a Passport to register.
I would like to volunteer for this event. How do I go about doing so?
We welcome our global DI community to volunteer at this event. There will be various roles available for competitive events, special events and hospitality. We will be accepting applications for volunteers starting late August. The application, with specific instructions, will be posted on our website.
In addition to the competitive elements of the event, what other activities will be available?
Your time in Doha will be action packed! Cultural tours be available over the course of the event. The Buddy Team Program enjoyed by so many at Global Finals is also being considered for this event.

If you have further questions, please email them to [email protected].