Structural: The Tension Builds

Published Clarifications

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#1 - August 28, 2013

The Challenge requires the use of a Pyramid Tester Base or (PTB) in addition to the standard Structure Tester to test the team-designed Structure. Starting September 15, 2013, teams will be able to order a metal tournament-sanctioned Pyramid Tester Base from Destination Imagination at It will be sold to teams at the manufacturing price plus shipping. For safety reasons, teams should not attempt to build their own weight-bearing Pyramid Tester Base.

#2 - August 28, 2013

Destination Imagination is releasing both a template and an instructional PowerPoint® presentation that walks a team through the process of building a foam board Pyramid Tester Base facsimile. This facsimile is not intended to bear weight. It should only be used for measuring the height of the team-created Structure (See A.3.c for details.). 

To download the foam board Pyramid Tester Base template, CLICK HERE.

To download the instructional PowerPoint® presentation, CLICK HERE.

#3 - September 10, 2013 

Destination Imagination is not just a tournament. We are committed to teaching the Creative Process, which consists of 6 stages. Reflection is an important part of this process. Page 3 of the Tournament Data Form is designed to encourage and help teams to reflect on their journey through the Creative Process. All Tournament Data Forms are only informational. Teams should bring copies of the forms to their DI tournaments, but they will not be scored and there will be no deductions for missing or incomplete forms. They are used only to help the Appraisers as they look at Challenge requirements.

 #4 – September 19, 2013

The Challenge section A.7.a should read “The team will design a Prop (see definition) to be assembled on-site during its Presentation, using only parts which must all initially fit into a team-provided container.”     

#5 - September 19, 2013

The Challenge section A.3.f should read “The Structure may only touch the Structure Tester on the top surface (angled sides) of the PyramidTester Base, the bottom surface of the Pressure Board, and the Safety Pole. No part of the Structure may touch the top square-shaped edge of the Pyramid Tester Base.”

#6 - January 15, 2014

The Challenge section D.4.h.iv should read: Any part of the Structure touches anything other than the Pyramid Base of the Tester, the Pressure Board, or the Safety Pole. This means that if any part of the Structure touches the original flat base of the Tester, weight placement will end. Pieces of the Structure that incidentally fall off and touch the base or sides of the Structure Tester will not cause weight placement to end. During testing, the Weight Placement Appraiser will not attempt to determine if a piece of the Structure that makes contact with the flat Tester base is "load bearing." Any piece of the Structure that touches the flat Tester base while remaining connected to the main part of the Structure in any manner will cause weight placement to end. If there is a clean break of a piece of the Structure and that piece lands on the flat Tester base, weight placement will continue as long as the Structure continues to hold weight.