Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships are another way for kids to experience Destination Imagination.

We develop, design and facilitate events for kids to experience the creative process, develop new friendships and learn to work together. Below are some of the events Destination Imagination has developed and facilitated.


Together with 3M

DI has been partnering with 3M for well over a decade! 3M has helped elevate DI to a special place in the education world and increased our impact around the globe.

Over the past few years, our team has worked with 3M to develop a special challenge just for Global Finals participants. 

3M has also partnered with DI to develop new audiences through our Pathways Early Learning Program, in-classroom initiatives and summer programming efforts.


To Infinity and Beyond with NASA

In June 2013, 300 students from ESF Summer Camps and the Philadelphia Boys and Girls Clubs gathered at Philadelphia University to participate in a NASA In-Flight Education Downlink. Twenty student representatives posed questions and watched as astronauts answered the questions and demonstrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts in ways that are impossible on Earth.

This past summer, DI also partnered with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), UT and the Montgomery Village Boys and Girls Club to host Summer of Innovation (SOI), an intensive summer STEM teaching and learning program in Knoxville, TN. SOI is designed to spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in students entering grades 4-9 who have traditionally been underrepresented in STEM fields.

65 students participated in the two week program. These students had the opportunity to engage with NASA provided content, as well as form teams and tackle tons of DI challenges, uniquely designed for SOI. SOI had such a profound impact on the participants, it was a unanimous decision to host the program again during summer 2013!

We continue to pursue initiatives with NASA Education for years to come.


Stretching Our Reach Overseas

Destination Imagination partnered with One Vision International (OVI), a Knoxville-based, non-profit organization with a mission of extending aid and support to seemingly forgotten areas of the world. OVI’s child sponsorship program provides food, water, medicine, and other basic needs for 125 orphans, 75 of which live at the One Vision Children's Home in Arcahaie, Haiti. In November 2011 a DI/OVI team delivered several hundred backpacks to Haitian students that were filled with school supplies donated by DI participants in Global Finals 2009.

This July, several DI staff and alumni joined an educational assessment team and traveled with OVI to Haiti once again. The team of volunteers visited the OVI Children’s Home and evaluated the students in various subjects to identify advancement and need for further support. The OVI children participated in Destination Imagination challenges and other team-building activities. The volunteer team also had the opportunity to deliver hand-painted T-shirts to the children. The slogans, characters and images painted by the students at Global Finals 2012, reflected their love, concern, support, friendship and hopes for the future for the Haitian children receiving the T-shirts.

DI is always looking for creative and strategic ways to partner with organizations both domestically and internationally to help enhance their existing education efforts. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!



Engaging Students in DI During School

DI teaches critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and a whole host of other skills that help students perform well in the classroom.  Book publisher Pearson Education Canada has partnered with Destination Imagination to use the Challenge-based learning approach in developing classroom exercises for teachers to use with their students.  Available now in Canada, Destination Imagination: Classroom Edition uses previous years’ Challenges as teaching tools for instructors in any subject area.


Motorola LogosMotorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility

From their support of Global Finals to Pathways, Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility help the Creative Initiatives Team reach new audiences with DI as well as bolstering our ability to support our teams and volunteers.  The Creative Initiatives Team, using support from Motorola Solutions, is working to enhance DI University, the volunteer training program, by developing new eLearning modules as well as other online training materials that can be used by all of our volunteers to learn more about teaching the creative process from imagination to innovation.