The Creative Process

Teaching the Creative Process:
from Imagination to Innovation

Our goal at Destination Imagination is to give students the chance to learn and experience the creative process. The creative process is about thinking and doing in no prescribed order. Some people “do” first and then think about what they have done, while others “think” first, then initiate action. Below are the components of the creative process that our participants experience while solving our Challenges. For a more detailed description of the creative process click here.


Becoming aware of a challenge, problem, or opportunity

- Having a healthy state of mind to explore new opportunities
 - Having a positive attitude, readiness and alertness -
- Fully understanding all the issues or points of the challenge or problem -


Applying thinking skills to develop options

- Employing divergent and convergent thinking -
- Using creativity & critical thinking tools to create ideas and select the best ones -
- Encouraging intuitive insight and novelty -
- Maximizing the ability to work within or outside of structure -
- Using your imagination to explore new ideas about solutions -


Initiating behavior and committing to an option

- Being willing to take risks; go beyond the minimum -
- Controlling behavior to manage impulsiveness -


Using social intelligence

- Collaborating; understanding and using different problem-solving styles -
- Being positive and listening to all  team ideas before judging them -


Achieving the best solution

- Assessing the project while it is being done and after it is finished -
- Sometimes starting over or admitting failure -


Evaluating the results

- Reflecting on the experience, resources and team dynamics -
- Celebrating the team’s journey and accomplishments -