2015-16 Team Clarifications Open

By: Tina Shaffer

The 2015-16 Team Challenge and Rules of the Road online Clarifications are now open! Teams that have questions about their Team Challenge or the Rules of the Road resource can now ask for a confidential Team Clarification by clicking here and selecting your team’s specific Challenge in the “Published Clarifications” section on the right side of the page. Before submitting a question, however, please be sure to check all of the Published Clarifications that are posted for your team’s Challenge.

Please urge your teams to ask about anything they don’t understand in their Challenge or the Rules of the Road and encourage them to check regularly for Published Clarifications.

Remember, each team can ask up to 10 questions during the year, and the deadline for submitting questions is February 15, 2016. Your team’s Clarification will not be shared with any other team. Ask away!

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