5 Easter STEAM Activities for Kids

By: Tina Shaffer

Looking for some egg-citing STEAM activities this Easter holiday season? Using eggs and a few household materials, your kids will learn about science, have fun and be amazed by these activities from our favorite bloggers. Which one will you try first?

Jelly Bean Structure: Who says jelly beans and peeps are just for eating? If you’re looking for an easy STEAM activity for your young ones that requires very few materials, look no further! Using just jelly beans, peeps and toothpicks, your kids will have hours of fun engineering structures their own creative structures, courtesy of Little Bins for Little Hands.

Jelly Bean Structure Activity


Egg Drop: Challenge your kids (or yourself!) to engineer the perfect egg drop with this activity from Buggy and Buddy. For this experiment, kids will need to construct a container out of household items that will keep a raw egg from breaking or cracking from a high fall. Buggy and Buddy also provides a free printable which allows children to illustrate their design and explain why they think their engineered container will protect the egg from breaking.

Egg Drop Activity
Crack the Code: Looking to add a little bit of difficulty to your annual Easter egg hunt? Your kids will have a blast trying to ‘crack the code’ in order to solve this one! It’s also a great activity to help improve your young one’s logic skills. Click here for instructions on how to design your own Crack the Code Easter activity, courtesy of Science Sparks.

Crack the Code Egg Hunt Activity


The Floating Egg: When you place an egg in salt water, will it sink or will it float? The floating egg experiment is a great activity that can leave a lasting impression on kids and will teach them why materials float more in salt water than in fresh water. It’s also an activity that requires very little clean-up! If you have a young child at home, be sure to check out this great science activity from our friends at Tinkerlab.

Egg Float STEM Activity


Crystal Eggs: Who isn’t fascinated by chemical reactions? Using egg shells and a few household products (water and borax) your budding young STEAMists will have a blast creating crystalized eggs with this cool activity from Little Bins for Little Hands. And the fun doesn’t have to stop at egg shells! Try some pipe cleaners and other materials to create some different designs. Not only is this activity quick to set up, your kids will have fun making predictions and observing the crystallization process.

Crystal Eggs Activity

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