5 STEAM & Literacy Activities for Kids

By: Tina Shaffer

Summer may be a great time for fun and sun, but it’s also an important time to keep your child’s mind mentally fit. From teaching STEM concepts and 21st century skills to simply having fun exploring their creative potential through play, check out some of our favorite, thrifty kids’ activities from a couple of our favorite blogging parents.


DIY Water Wall
Have a young Rising Star at home? Head over to Happy Hooligans here and learn how to keep them cool and entertained with this awesome (and our favorite!) DIY water wall activity! Most of the materials used to create the water wall, including bottles, containers and backdrops, can be found around your house. Your young ones will learn STEM concepts, including construction and flow, while keeping them entertained for hours.

Bonus: To conserve water, just replace the water with sand!


Build an Inventor’s Box
Tinkering is one of the most important ways you can boost your children’s critical thinking and STEM skills. It helps them to explore and understand how things are made, as well as enhance their skills to become future problem solvers. Using low-cost materials, you can introduce your children to new worlds of imagination and exploration through a hands-on Inventor’s Box. Click here to out this great activity by eHow blogger and mom, Stephanie Morgan.


Giant Board Game
This is a fun one to not only further jump-start your children’s literacy skills, but to get them outdoors and enjoy some fun, energetic play in the sun! Check out some great tips on this game, which can be designed using tape, wood and chalk, by The 36th Avenue’s, Desiree Campbell, here. (If you don’t have wood, you can also design the dice using cardboard.)

Bonus: Put some extra Destination Imagination-style Instant Challenge activities to the board to add quick, creative and critical thinking to the mix! We know our DI family has plenty of duct tape at home, so you’re already off to a great start on this one.


Lava Lamp
Have your child bring the exciting world of science alive with this awesome (and reusable!), hands-on experiment. Using common household products such as a plastic bottle, vegetable oil, food coloring and Alka-Seltzer, your young one will explore the concepts of density and chemical reactions with this far out STEM activity. For instructions on how to create a lava lamp, visit the Whimsicle blog by crafty moms, JoAnn and Megan, here.


Crayon Resist Art
A fun one for both you and your young Rising Stars that combines both science and art! Through resist art, children can explore how two materials (crayons and watercolors) resist each other and can be used to create a lovely work of art or card for a friend or loved one. Similar to the Giant Board Game, this fun activity can also help boost their literacy skills. Click here to check out this other fantastic activity from Jackie at Happy Hooligan’s.



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