Are You Up for an International Experience of a Lifetime?

By: Tina Shaffer

Many of us know the excitement, the nervousness and even sleepless nights that go hand-in-hand as Regional and Affiliate Destination Imagination (DI) Tournaments approach each year. Whether you’re a participant, a Team Manager or a volunteer, it’s hard to hide your excitement as the morning of competition finally arrives. Few of us ever have the opportunity to experience the emotions of preparing for and attending Global Finals or even rarer, the chance to compete in a DI Tournament in a foreign land. 
Thanks to DI China, last year 14 teams from 4 countries were able to pack their bags, and their DI skills, and head to Beijing to take part in the first ever Asia-Pacific Invitational. Once again, China will open its doors to DI participants around the world this December to come and experience a once-in-a-lifetime educational and cultural opportunity in the land of the red dragon. 
                 DI buddy teams at the 2013 Asia-Pacific Beijing Invitational 
Registration information coming soon! In the meantime, check out what last year’s participants have to say about the tournament… and the pin trading of course!  


“An amazing experience. Life-changing for some of our students. I have a new found admiration for how DI can connect students across the globe!” – Team Manager and Canadian Principal
“I cannot begin to express what an amazing opportunity this was. DI is truly global and opportunities like these are absolutely invaluable.” – International Participant
“I certainly believe there should be another DI Invitational. I found that experiencing DI in a whole other scenery makes it very interesting. It’s really cool seeing what people on the other side of the world are doing with their creativity.” – International DI Participant
“I learned that creativity really is universal. It doesn't matter which country you're in, or the culture, or the politics; it's amazing to see kids from all over the world working together to solve Challenges in ways nobody ever imagined.”  – U.S. Affiliate Director 
“The National Geographic Challenge was a lot of fun! It was unlike any DI Challenge I’ve ever done. The time restriction really made things interesting and the pressure really tests a team’s ability to work together. The hardest part was deciding whether or not to buy materials, at the cost of points. In the end, we decided to not buy anything! This pushed us to really get creative with our materials. We used everything from the plastic wrapping for the camera to the calculator’s solar panel. The time and material restrictions were intimidating at first but in the end, it pushed us out of our comfort zone and made us try things we hadn’t in the past.” – International Participant
“It was so great and impressive. If I was a kid, I would participate in this event until I was over the age limit.” – National Geographic Staff Member, China


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