David Thomason

Board Member / Executive Council


David enjoyed a 33-year career with the Boeing Company as a Major Subcontracts Manager and as an Engineering Project Manager. The majority of his career involved work on the International Space Station (ISS). This experience included the management of multi-million dollar subcontracts, leading multi-discipline teams involved in the design, and manufacturing and testing ISS flight hardware. Integrating multiple state of the art technologies into a cohesive, safe environment suitable for human occupation allowed for the demonstration of creative problem solving and team building skills. He is the recipient of several awards in his work on Manned Space Flight projects.
He is currently the Affiliate Director for Alabama, where he is actively involved with growing the Program. He is compelled to “Do DI” because of his sincere belief that DI gives the individual learner skills and abilities to become a better employee and person, and to face problems in life more creatively.