Rosemary Bognar Pinney

Board of Trustees Vice-Chair


Rosemary Bognar Pinney is a CPA and a Director of Smart Thinking, a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in nonprofit executive and financial management, process improvement, and organizational development, currently serving as the Director of Finance for a multi-agency educational San Diego nonprofit. She started her career in the corporate world as a Big 4 CPA, CFO/Corporate Controller and Director of Finance before moving into the nonprofit sector, where she additionally served as a Corporate Controller and a CFO/Director of Finance. She has been in creative problem solving for 30 years and has served as a Team Manager, a Regional & State Challenge Master, Greater Cleveland’s Regional Director, CA’s Program Director, a Board Member on both Ohio and California State Boards, and as an International Training Facilitator. She has been the recipient of an international Outstanding Achievement Award at World Finals, the Cleveland State University Civic Achievement Award for Outstanding Civic Contributions in Greater Cleveland (on behalf of DII), the Volunteer of the Year Award for the Arts in San Diego and the annual San Diego Nonprofit Board Governance Excellence Award. She is an8-year of the DII Board and is currently serving as the Board Treasurer and as the Chair of the Finance Committee.