Congrats to Our Winter Wonderland STEAM Challenge Winners!

Enter Our Winter Wonderland STEAM Contest!

Thank you to all of the students worldwide who participated in our Winter Wonderland STEAM Challenge!

For this Challenge, teams had to use specific materials, including graham crackers, marshmallows and assorted candies, to create a Winter Wonderland scene. In addition, their Winter Wonderland scene had to incorporate at least 1 team-created special feature that was created and/or operated using at least 1 STEM principle. Teams had a $20 budget for their special feature.

The Top 20 submissions with the most votes were evaluated by the Destination Imagination staff on the overall creativity of the Winter Wonderland, the overall creativity of the team-created feature, and the innovation of the STEM principle used in the special feature.

Congratulations to our three winners!


First Place: Erin J. & Team Biscuits & Gravy, Maryland

“Our middle school team, Biscuits & Gravy, created ‘A Day in Winter Wonderland.’ The snowmen and the sledding hill were made of homemade marshmallow fondant. We used marshmallows, icing, assorted candy, toothpicks, cardboard and graham crackers for the team-created scenery and props. Our scenery and props make up the set design, which was our special feature. Our STEM principle was stop-motion animation, which was team-created and included over 800 image frames.” – Erin J.


Second Place: April D., Washington

“Our Winter Wonderland represents the elves’ celebration as Santa is leaving to deliver presents around the world. They can play in their hot cocoa tub, hang out by the fireplace, participate in the snowball fight, or ice skate on the rink. Our special feature is the battery-powered conveyor belt created from a combination of gears and a track made of duct tape running from Santa’s workshop to his sleigh that drops the presents into the sleigh, as well as the simple machine pulley system that helps Santa fly away.” – April D.


Third Place: Archana J., California

“Our winter magical wonderland has gondola ride, magnetic skating, gravitational skiing, and a gingerbread house with Santa Clause and his sleigh. Our Winter Magic Wonderland was create using many different reusable components.” – Archana J.


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