Destination Imagination Hosts Technology Camp for Kids

By: Tina Shaffer

Last month, Destination Imagination hosted a one-week Internet of Things (IoT) camp for a small group of kids, ages 7 through 12. From 3-D printing to robotics, the camp was not only designed to teach them about the many ways the technology is changing the world but also to spark their interest. Throughout the week, kids were introduced to the Scratch coding platform, learned about Raspberry Pi, built their own Arduino-based computers, designed and built a miniature obstacle avoidance car, worked with LEDs, and even made a new friend or two!

“I learned that you only need one breadboard to make many circuits but you also use one or two Arduinos to make a circuit. I also learned how to make LED lights work. My favorite part about the camp was that I made a new friend! I also asked a lot of things that will help me in the future. I had so much fun! – Leilani R., age 10



“First, we did a project on Scratch, then we built our own computer on a Raspberry Pi. We also learned how to solder and make a laser alarm. My favorite part about the camp was playing with the robots and making new friends.” – Varsha S., age 9



“I got to create a car with a sensor and we put an Arduino on top that acted like a motor shield. My favorite part about the camp was that we got to do a lot of projects and use LED strips. I also liked coding and hope I can learn more coding in the future.” – Hayden B., age 12



“My favorite part about the camp was programming the LED lights and getting them to make my own pattern.” – Gabe S., age 8



I learned a lot this week and got to create a car. My favorite part was the robots.” – Londyn R., age 7


Thanks to Cequix Technology Solutions for making this fantastic event possible!