Destination Imagination Welcomes Five New International Affiliates

By: Tina Shaffer

Destination Imagination, Inc. is proud to welcome five new International Affiliates who are helping to empower more children and teens around the globe! Our new International Affiliates include the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Hear what a few of our new Affiliates have to say about leading the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience in their communities:


“DI will help us achieve our company’s vision and mission by empowering the youth to become critical, creative thinkers ready to tackle any kind of challenge thrown at them.” — Compass International, United Arab Emirates




“We were attracted to DI because of its potential to bring together children of all backgrounds to work towards achieving a common goal. In my country, it is time to teach children to stop thinking along divisive lines and instead, toward reaching across the divide to build a truly great country.” — Foundation for Cross Cultural Development, Nigeria




“Through DI, we hope to inspire them to think beyond what they have been taught and learn to actually APPLY knowledge to bring to life new solutions to problems they face or will face as they grow.” — Maker Club, Zimbabwe




“Our vision is in line with DI’s vision. We believe in child-led learning. We believe in equipping students with the skills needed in the 21st century. DI’s Educational Experience develops these skills in students and prepares them to succeed in the future.” — Urooj Seemeen, E-Services and Technologies, Pakistan



Thank you to all of the new staff and volunteers who are helping to inspire collaboration, creativity and global citizenship among so many more students!