DI and SockKids Collaborate on New Anti-Bullying Book for Kids

By: Dr. Chuck Cadle

Bullying is a type of aggression where one or more children intentionally intimidate, harm or harass another child. There is an imbalance of power and victims feel physically or emotionally weaker than their aggressor. To help in the fight to end bullying, Destination Imagination has partnered with the SockKids on “The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying,” a children’s book written by authors Michael J. Sullivan and Shelley Larkin.

For children to become globally competent, they must learn to appreciate cross-cultural collaboration and to respect the uniqueness of others and their ideas. For us to use imagination to its full potential, we need new ideas that promote new possibilities and opportunities. Any behavior that suppresses these ideas will lessen creativity and innovation.

This book is written in a fun and engaging way, and Destination Imagination is honored to have partnered with SockKids on this project.

As part of our Global Finals Service Project, Destination Imagination is holding a special pre-release this week only. Stop by Souvenir Sales (located in the KCC) to purchase your copy of “The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying” and visit the SockKids booth at the Innovation Expo to learn more about our collaboration.

In June, the book will be made available for purchase on our ShopDI.org website.