Enter the Destination Imagination Video Contest

By: Tina Shaffer


By being courageous and using our creativity and curiosity, we are able to see things in new ways and transform imagined ideas into physical form. Your challenge is to create a 60-second video and tell us about a time when you were one of the following: CREATIVE, CURIOUS or COURAGEOUS. In your video, include why that particular quality is so important to you.

Three lucky students will be awarded $1,500 for their winning submissions. Winning students who are on a registered Destination Imagination (DI) team will also receive a free pass to Global Finals 2016 even if their team does not qualify for the tournament.

The Destination Imagination Video Contest is open to the general public and is not limited to Destination Imagination participants. See contest details below or click here to download a PDF version. Deadline to submit your video is March 29, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good luck, creative thinkers and doers!

  • $1,500 – to be rewarded to one student or DI team in each contest level (Elementary, Middle and Secondary)
  • Free pass to Global Finals 2016 for your entire team. The pass will allow you to compete even if your team does not qualify at the state or regional level. The free pass does not include registration fees or travel expenses. The free pass only applies to 2015-16 registered DI teams.

The contest is open to the general public and is not limited to Destination Imagination participants.

  • Elementary Level – Kindergarten-5th grade (No student born before June 15, 2004)
  • Middle Level – 6th-8th Grade (No student born before June 15, 2001)
  • Secondary Level – 9th-12th Grade (No student born before June 15, 1997)
  • Edit Your Footage: Edited footage or photos should use smooth transitions and be clear to the viewer.
  • Lighting & Location: Choose a location with a lot of available light. If possible, use natural light by working a few feet away from a window, standing with one shoulder toward the window. If you shoot outdoors, choose a spot where the sun will not be directly in front of or behind you.
  • Sound: Test sound quality before you shoot.
  • The entries will be appraised by the staff at Destination Imagination based on memorable content and delivery, overall impact and creativity.
  • DI will notify the winners and make an announcement on our blog by April 8, 2016.
  • $1,500 will be awarded to one lucky winner from each contest category (Elementary, Middle and Secondary)
  • You must state the following in the beginning of your video, “My name is [your name or team name] and this is my submission for the 2016 Destination Imagination Video Contest.”
  • You may use only original, team-created or royalty-free music in your video. Any music included in your video submission must be cited on the video contest form you submit.
  • Limit only one submission per student or team (if submitting a video entry on behalf of your entire DI team).
  • Video entries that are slightly over or under 60 seconds will qualify. However, please try to keep your entries as close to 60 seconds as possible. Please note: When uploading a video, YouTube often adds two seconds to the final length.
  • Our “no interference policy” does not apply to this contest. You may have your friends, Team Managers or parents help you film and/or edit your video.
  • By submitting a video, you automatically grant DI a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable license to use and publicly display the content.
  • You may submit only materials that you own or have permission to use, and you can submit only photos or videos of people who have given you consent to use their image.
  • By participating, you agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Destination Imagination, Inc. from any and all liability, loss, damage or injury resulting from participation in this contest.
  • If the winner is under 18 years of age, the contest money will be awarded to the parent, guardian or Team Manager.