Free Team Challenge Resources

By: Tina Shaffer

Whether you’re brand new to the Destination Imagination (DI) program or a seasoned participant, there’s always room for learning more ways on how to approach a Team Challenge and make the best of your DI season. And thanks to our amazing alumni, we’ve been able to provide some extremely helpful tips on how to do just that. For anyone who’s missed our Team Challenge Tips blog series over the past couple of months, we’ve put together this handy blog post with links to these resources. We wish you all the best of luck this season and look forward to offering more tips and tricks from our pros as the DI season progresses. 

General Tips

How to Choose a Destination Imagination Challenge – An extremely helpful (and entertaining!) guide for new teams that are unsure of how to select a Team Challenge that best fits them.

10 Tips for Teams – From navigating a Team Challenge to practicing Instant Challenges to creating a “wow” factor for a performance, check out these 10 amazing tips for teams.

Instant Challenge Tips for Team Managers – Are you a new Team Manager? Instant Challenge is not only a fun team-building activity, it accounts for 25% of a team's score. Check out this helpful article on how to help your team sharpen their quick thinking skills.

Challenge-Specific Tips

How to Become a Technical Challenge Pro – Learn how to train your eye for the “good stuff” in what is seemingly junk, dream big and build bigger with these amazing tips from DI alum and techie, Michael Broetzmann.  

3 Tips to Help Perfect Your Fine Arts Challenge Solution – Learn about clear and effective storytelling and how to properly integrate elements into your team’s Performance with these helpful tips from DI alum, Rachel Sullivan.

Mastering the Art of Improv – Improvisational theater is much more than getting up on a stage and making things up. Learn from DI alum, Ryan Woodland, on how to develop a toolbox of skills to help you create a Presentation that is truly unique, compelling and fun.

5 Tips to Help Cultivate Your Scientific Challenge Solution – From engineering to the arts, the Scientific Challenge will have you exploring many areas before starting on your solution. Learn from DI alum, Ryan Huber, on how to hone your research skills and construct something amazing.

Service Learning Challenge Tips for Teams – In the Service Learning Challenge, your team’s Project is central to your DI experience. Hear from DI alum, Johanna Nikula, on ways you can work to make an impact on your community, creatively share your work and inspire others in the process.

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