New Anti-Bullying Children’s Book Now Available

By: Tina Shaffer

We’re excited to announce that you can now purchase a copy of “The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying,” a children’s book that was developed in partnership with the SockKids.

Written by authors Michael J. Sullivan and Shelley Larkin, the book follows Ethan, an elementary school student and Destination Imagination team member, who discovers how bullying hurts everyone and the importance of being courageous enough to speak up.

In addition to the story, children’s counselor and licensed therapist, Jamie Ross, gives adults and children guidelines on how to handle bullies. The book also includes a foreword by DI CEO, Dr. Chuck Cadle, and five creative activities for kids.

This exclusive book is written in a fun and engaging way, and Destination Imagination is honored to have partnered with SockKids on this project. With each purchase, you will receive a limited edition pin. (While supplies last.)

Click here to purchase your copy of “The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying.”