New Early Learning Product

By: Kate Grimes

The Classroom & Home School Approach

STEM & Literacy Pathways for Early Learners (Pathways) is the most recent and innovative product to be developed by Destination Imagination for Early Childhood. Pathways is designed to prepare 3-6 year olds with a jump start in literacy as well as Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) concepts, while promoting critical and creative thinking skills. These skills, combined with DI’s unique and proven style, aim to increase social, emotional, and educational outcomes for participants.

Early Learning English Pathways Spanish Pathways Sample

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Sample Activities
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What the Pathways Product Includes

Organized into 16 Themes, Pathways offers five Activities for each Theme. Each Activity requires about 15-30 minutes. Pathways retails for $199.95 (free shipping) and also includes:

  • A take-home component for every Theme
  • An adult and Child activity for each Theme
  • 10 Feedback Loop Questions for each Theme
  • 10 Transitions for each Theme
  • A suggested book to read for each Theme
  • 5 Books from the suggested book list
  • 12 extra fun and engaging challenges that can be used to complement the learning experience
Who will Benefit From Using Pathways

Pathways is beneficial to both parents and teachers as well as students. Our program addresses students, teachers and parents in the following ways:

  •  As with all DI programs, Pathways teaches the creative process from imagination to innovation through a process called “inquiry-guided” group learning, helping even the youngest students deal with new material or equipment.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged not only with the take-home activities, but a variety of other initiatives as well.
  • Pathways is designed to assist teachers and parents in teaching STEM and literacy concepts to very young learners.  For classrooms where the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is used (primarily Head Start centers), Pathways will aide teachers in the “Instructional Support” domain. 

We hope teachers will delight in such a wonderful and simple program to help them promote STEM and literacy in their preschool classrooms.

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– Sheila Swanson is the Program Director at Destination Imagination. You can find her on Linkedin.