New Pin Guidelines for Teams & Individuals

By: Tina Shaffer

Pin trading is one of the most popular activities at Destination Imagination (DI) tournaments. In order to protect our organization, our DI teams and our volunteers, we have instated new pin guidelines for teams and individuals, effective immediately. These guidelines are published in our Brand & Style Guide and are listed below. Please be sure to review this new policy before creating pins for an official Destination Imagination event.

Commercially Made Pins

The following applies to all commercially made pins designed and created by teams and individuals:

  1. In order to participate in pin trading at Global Finals, commercially produced pins must be made by a Licensed Pin Vendor that has been approved by Destination Imagination, Inc.

    *A list of approved Destination Imagination, Inc. Licensed Pin Vendors is available here. More Licensed Pin Vendors will be added as they are approved.  

  2. Teams and individuals may NOT use the Destination Imagination, Inc.® name or any Destination Imagination, Inc. logos, including the “box and ball,” Global Finals or Challenge logos, on any commercially made pins. Any team or individual pins that violate this will not be sanctioned or condoned by Destination Imagination, Inc.
  3. Teams and individuals may NOT use the word “DI” on their pins. “DI” is a mark that is not owned by Destination Imagination, Inc. for use on pins.
  4. Teams and individuals may NOT include their Affiliate initials combined with “DI” in any manner, whether hyphenated or without a space between them (e.g., NJ-DI, MADI, etc.).
  5. Teams and individuals are prohibited from infringing on a person’s or company’s intellectual property. Teams and individuals may work with Licensed Pin Vendors to create appropriate designs that do not violate relevant copyright law. It is the responsibility of the Licensed Pin Vendor to ensure and communicate adherence to copyright laws.

*Teams and individuals may also purchase stock pins, available on the open market, for pin trading at Destination Imagination events.

If you have any questions regarding your pin design, we ask that you contact the Licensed Pin Vendor directly.

UPDATE (made on September 30, 2016): Old (vintage) pins may still be traded at Global Finals. However, we encourage you not to trade illegally copyrighted pins.

Handmade Pins

  1. Teams and Individuals registered with a Destination Imagination Affiliate may produce handmade art (homemade or made by the team members).
  2. No license fee to Destination Imagination, Inc. is required as long as the total number of each handmade product is less than 21 per team and the team has made them themselves.
  3. Vendors or commercial establishments are NOT allowed to participate in the production of these handmade products.


Additional Info for Pin Vendors

All Licensed Pin Vendors are required to purchase a license through Destination Imagination, Inc. Vendors may purchase a Single Affiliate License or a Multi Affiliate License. To view the License Pin Vendor Agreement or to purchase a License, click here.


Brand & Style Guide Policies

Teams and individuals must adhere to the Pin Policy guidelines as stated above. These guidelines, as well as examples of pin misuse, are now published in our Brand & Style Guide. Teams and individuals are encouraged to review this policy on page 22.