New Roadmap Resource for Team Managers

By: Kris Beisel

When you open the 2017-18 Roadmap, you are going to notice some exciting changes! Based on a survey of experienced and new Team Managers, Roadmap has been rearranged and updated.

If you don’t have time to start at the beginning of Roadmap, your first stop should be the Guiding Your Team section (page 9). You will find information about your role as a Team Manager, timelines and meeting templates, using questions to guide your team, and benchmarks your team should accomplish during the Destination Imagination (DI) season. In addition, you will find a brand new tool to help your team identify the requirements defined by the Challenge and decide how they are going to meet those requirements.

As you work through the Guiding Your Team section, you may find that you have questions about navigating your team through the DI Team Challenge Experience. The remaining sections of the Roadmap are resources that can answer those specific questions.

Why is Destination Imagination important to education and our students’ futures? The Introduction (page 1) and Educational Foundations of Destination Imagination (page 3) sections will give you an overview of the Destination Imagination Educational Experience and a grounding in the educational philosophy behind the Challenges.

How do you avoid interfering with your team’s solution, but still help them reach their goals? The Interference section (page 37) will explain the concept of Interference and define what you can do to guide your team as they complete their solution.

What is Instant Challenge and how do I teach the skills the team needs to solve Instant Challenges? The Instant Challenge section (page 41) offers several Instant Challenges for your team to use as they practice. This section also includes a new project management tool to aid your team as they learn to complete Instant Challenges.

How does the team generate ideas and decide on a solution? The Skills for Creative and Critical Thinking section (page 67) provides several different idea generating and idea focusing tools the team can use as they imagine and create their solution.

What if the team doesn’t work well together? How can they learn to be a team? The Facilitating for Successful Teamwork section (page 85) provides information about teamwork and some exercises designed to guide them when they are struggling with teamwork issues.

How do the team members track all of the ideas and ensure that their goals and requirements are completed in time for their presentation? The Project Management section (page 105) gives you tools and forms that will help your team decide on a solution and track the project. You will find another new tool that will help your team determine their team-defined requirements (the team’s plans and ideas that are in addition to the requirements outlined in the Challenge). Your team can then create a project plan that they can use to track their progress.

Roadmap will help you as you guide your team, but you still may have questions or need support. Please reach out to your Regional or Affiliate Director; they will help answer questions and give you guidance throughout the year. Also, attend a Team Manager training! Each Affiliate offers training and if you can’t make an in-person training, online training will be made available in October. (Stay tuned our blog and social media for an announcement of our new training website.) If you are still stuck, send your question to [email protected].

You can download a copy of Roadmap by accessing our Resource Area. A hard copy of Roadmap will be shipped to each Team Number purchaser in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Good luck this year! Thank you for agreeing to take on the most rewarding volunteer job you will ever experience. You will make a difference in your team members’ lives!