Participate in the Destination Imagination Study

By: Tina Shaffer

For some time now, Destination Imagination (DI) has needed the ability to collect data to more accurately allow us to evaluate our program’s educational impact on students who participate in our Challenge Program. We are delighted to announce such an opportunity to begin our ability to gather such information from our student participants.

Our headquarters is working with author and creativity expert, Dr. Ron Beghetto, on the creation of a longitudinal study that will help learn about the skills, knowledge and experiences our participants have developed through our program year after year. The results of the study may also contribute to the creativity research literature. The survey is brief and includes questions adapted from research on creative self-beliefs (Beghetto, 2006, 2009, 2016). By participating in the study, students will be involved in something extremely important to Destination Imagination and the future of our program.

Please note that this study is for DI participants (i.e., students) only. It is optional and is completely anonymous, so we encourage our DI participants to answer all of the questions honestly and to the best of their abilities. To further protect our participants’ privacy, we do not collect data such as email or IP addresses. Participants may stop contributing to this longitudinal study at any time. However, any information previously entered will have been aggregated and cannot be deleted.

To participate in this survey, DI students will need to create a Permanent Anonymous ID Number. Similar to a username, they will use this ID Number each time they log in and participate in this study. Click here to participate in the first portion of the study.

If you have questions concerning the survey, please contact us at [email protected]. We thank you for all of your help and support!