Pin Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win $500!

By: Tina Shaffer

Enter for a chance to win $500 and have your pin featured on the Destination Imagination (DI) website and at the Global Finals 2018 Store! Three lucky students or teams will receive 100 pins with their design to trade at Global Finals.


Design a pin that illustrates one or more of the following concepts:

  • Celebration
  • Collaboration
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Empowerment
  • Growth


  • $500 will be awarded to one individual or one team from each age category.
    • Elementary Level: Kindergarten-5th Grade or no student born before June 15, 2006
    • Middle Level: 6th-8th Grade or no student born before June 15, 2003
    • Secondary & University Level: 9th Grade-University Level
  • Free pass to Global Finals 2018 for your entire team. The pass will allow you to compete even if your team does not qualify at the regional or state level. The free pass does not include registration fees or travel expenses. The free pass applies only to 2017-18 registered DI teams.
  • Winning student or team in each age category will receive 100 pins with their design to trade at Global Finals.
  • Winning pins will be featured on the DI website and sold at the Global Finals Store.



  • Deadline to submit your pin design is March 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.



  • The staff at Destination Imagination, Inc. will evaluate the entries based on the creativity of the pin design.
  • The Destination Imagination staff will narrow the entries down to the top designs in each age category.
  • The finalists’ designs will be posted on the Destination Imagination website for public voting.
  • The voting will run from March 14, 2018 through March 18, 2018.
  • Contest winners will be announced on the Destination Imagination, Inc. website on or about March 20, 2018.



  1. Create your pin design.
  2. Scan or export your design as a high-resolution PDF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG file.
  3. All file submissions must be under 25 MB.
  4. Fill out this form to enter.
  5. Please be prepared to submit the original drawing, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file in the case your artwork is chosen.
  6. Carefully read Terms & Qualifications below.
  7. Questions? Contact [email protected] and use the subject line “Pin Contest.”



  1. Please do not include the words “Destination Imagination,” “DI,” “Global Finals” or “GF18” in your design. GF18 will be added to the pin after the design is selected.
  2. Your pin design doesn’t need to be confined to a standard shape, and you may submit your design in any size. However, please note that when we produce the winning pins, we will scale your design so that the largest edge is no larger than 2 inches in length.
  3. When you create something, aren’t you proud of the time and hard work you put into making it? You’ve created something original and would most likely be upset if someone copied your work without your permission. That’s where copyright law comes in. Copyright protects “original works of authorship” and spans a variety of areas ranging from movie characters to literary works to company logos. Please do not submit pin designs that include the likeness or emulation of any trademarked or copyrighted material including, but not limited to, parodies of copyrighted characters.



  1. Contest entrants may submit designs beginning on February 13, 2018 and ending on March 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Contest voting will take place from March 14, 2018 through March 18, 2018.
  2. Contest is open to all Destination Imagination participants and teams that have a 2017-18 Team Number.
  3. All entrants under the age of 18 must ask for a parent or guardian’s permission before entering this Contest.
  4. Contest entrants may enter once as an individual and once with their entire team or team member(s). Limit to one individual and one team entry.
  5. Each pin design entry must be the submitting entrant’s own, previously unpublished work and cannot feature any material owned or controlled by third parties.
  6. Entries are void if Destination Imagination, Inc. determines the pin design to not be an original, or if the entries are incomplete, inaccessible or blocked, corrupted, damaged, irregular, altered, counterfeit, produced in error or obtained through fraud or theft.
  7. Prize money will be awarded to the parent or guardian of winning entrants under the age of 18.
  8. Destination Imagination, Inc. is not responsible for any entries that are incomplete, inaccessible or blocked, corrupted or damaged.
  9. By entering this Contest and having a chance to win an award, you agree and represent that you grant to Destination Imagination, Inc. and its affiliates the rights to use, reproduce, transmit, communicate to the public, print, publish, publicly display, exhibit, distribute, redistribute, copy, index, comment on, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works based upon, publicly perform, make available and otherwise exploit your Submission, in whole or in part, in all media formats and channels now known or hereafter devised (including on third-party sites and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter), in any number of copies and without limit as to time, manner and frequency of use, without further notice to you, with or without attribution, and without the requirement of permission from or payment to you or any other person or entity.
  10. In the event that the selected winner is ineligible, cannot be traced or does/do not respond within three (3) calendar days to a winner notification, or refuses the prize, the prize will be forfeited and Destination Imagination, Inc., in its sole discretion, may choose whether to award the prize to another entrant.
  11. By participating, all entrants agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless Destination Imagination, Inc., the organizations’ partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, agents and their employees, officers, directors, and representatives from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this Contest, including travel to and from Global Finals 2018, or any Contest-related activities and the acceptance and use, misuse, or possession of any prize awarded hereunder.


 Download our Official Pin Contest Rules.