Pre-Order Your 2018-19 Team Number for an Exclusive Offer!

By: Taylor Reber

We are happy to announce an exciting, new opportunity to get ahead of the competition in 2018-19. Having a Destination Imagination (DI) Team Number is like having a golden ticket because it allows you and your team to participate in workshops, training events and DI tournaments. Every team needs one and Destination Imagination is making them available for purchase earlier than ever before!

From exploring medical mysteries to designing aircraft to bringing a game to life live onstage, we will have seven new and exciting Team Challenges next season. If you’re interested in participating in the 2018-19 Challenge season, consider purchasing a Team Number voucher today. These vouchers maintain the standard Team Number cost* and upon purchase, you will receive the following:

  • An alphanumeric code to be saved and utilized in September when the 2018-19 Team Challenges become available
  • A link to an exclusive, digital Instant Challenge pack

It’s important to note that the alphanumeric code generated during purchase is not an actual Team Number, but the voucher code to be used to claim your Team Number when the 2018-19 Challenges are released.

Get ahead of the game by purchasing your Team Number voucher today and receive our exclusive, digital Instant Challenge pack!