Roadmap: Planning for a Successful Season

By: Johnny Wells

Now that the 2016-17 Team Challenges are out, teams across the globe have begun imagining solutions to this season’s Challenges. As a Team Manager, you are helping to shape and change the lives of your team’s members. Roadmap is a great tool to assist you with planning objectives for team meetings, helping your team learn about the creative process, and equipping each child for success in life.

Roadmap is designed to empower your team’s members through an informal learning experience. No classroom walls can contain the learning that can take place when a DI team is formed and begins reinforcing the creative process in their lives. From recognizing so many challenges to celebrating the outcomes, this learning experience impacts lives over and over. Roadmap 2017 opens with a section on processes and skills. Team Managers should take some time to look over the types of processes and skills that can be taught and planned for in meetings and beyond. Perhaps a particular process or skill stands out as a much needed one among the young people on the team. Focusing on a needed area can be very important in shaping young lives for the future. So, don’t shy away from prioritizing the processes and skills to pay careful attention to just the ones needed by the team. Skills and process awareness among team members helps each of them grow and build new skills.

Roadmap 2017 also has a section of suggested plans and activities for team meetings. Remember that these are suggestions! A Team Manager gets to know the team better than anyone else and can develop a plan better than anyone else for how the team can best use their meeting time. Picking and choosing meeting plans and activities from Roadmap can help tailor the experience for the team. New Instant Challenges are placed throughout this resource, make organizing Instant Challenge time much more efficient. There are also time-tested activities and techniques for more effectively reaching the goals of great teamwork and a great Challenge solution. Introducing some of these techniques multiple times can only benefit the team by building their skill set.

Tips and ideas can jumpstart a Team Manager’s thoughts. TM Tips are highlighted in blue in Roadmap 2017 and taking time to peruse the pages and reading some of the TM Tips may generate some never-before–thought-of ways of looking at team management. Or, TM Tips may suggest a way to streamline a meeting that best utilizes the time. The short TM Tips may mean long term benefits to the Team Manager and the team.

Note taking as the team processes, reflects and evaluates is a great way to document team growth. Throughout Roadmap 2017 are opportunities for documentation marked with a pencil icon as a reminder to take notes. Team growth is worth celebrating and at the end of the season, the team can look back at a log of well-spent time together as they grew into a great team with an equally great solution in which they could be proud.

Although seasons come and seasons go, each Destination Imagination season leaves a positive impression on Team Managers and participants. Using Roadmap 2017 as a tool can make this DI season the most life-changing yet.

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