Service Learning Challenge: Make a Difference in Your Community

By: Tina Shaffer

Service learning is an authentic educational experience that teaches kids empathy, leadership, communication, project management, and many other skills. It also deepens their understanding of subject matter and the complexity of social issues.

For this season’s Service Learning Challenge, Inside Impact, teams will address a need in a real community and create a live presentation that highlights the impact of their project. Teams will use their creativity to create eye-catching infographics about their project and incorporate them into their presentation. They will also design a storage device that can hold everything they need for their presentation and that will transform as the story of their project unfolds live onstage.

Get an inside look at our Inside Impact Challenge below. For a more in-depth look at the Challenge, download our First Look document.


Full Challenge details will be made available to all teams on September 1. Purchase your 2017-18 Team Number today!

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