3 STEM Activities for Students

By: Tina Shaffer

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is all about exploration and experimentation, but just like in Destination Imagination, you can do both of those things while having a lot of fun! Games can be a great way to teach your students about different STEM subjects. They’re also great educational resources for parents who want to further inspire their children’s passion for STEM by adding an element of excitement. Whether you’re an educator or a parent, check out a few of our favorite activities below.


Periodic Table of Elements Battleship
Looking to lighten the mood in your classroom or encourage more student interest in science? Test your students’ knowledge of the periodic table of elements with a special edition of the classic game, Battleship. Bonus: Using laminated periodic table of element charts, this fun science activity can be re-used over and over again.

Click here to download a copy of the Periodic Table Battleship rules.


Electromagnetic Contest
One of my favorite science activities in school was building an electromagnet and seeing how many different objects I could pick up with it. Provide your students or child with the few basic items needed to create an electromagnet: one 3-inch nail, 2 feet of insulated wire (strip each end using wire cutters), one 9-V battery, and several paper clips. You can also substitute the 9-V battery with a different type of battery (AA, C, D, etc.). If you substitute the 9-V, provide a rubber band to secure the wires to the terminals of the battery.

Have them wrap the insulated wire around the nail at least 20 times and then connect the ends of the coiled wire to the battery terminals. Now that they’ve built the electromagnet, have them see how many paper clips they can pick up with the device. Educators: If you’re using this as a classroom exercise, split the students up into groups of 2 and have them record the number of paperclips they were able to pick up using the electromagnet.

For more fun electromagnet exercises, visit the Teach Engineering site here.

On The Ball
Destination Imagination’s Instant Challenges are designed to teach kids how to think quickly, creatively and critically. They’re also great team-building activities. For our On The Ball activity, students will use a set of materials to build a freestanding structure on top of a beach ball within 5 minutes. When using this as a classroom activity, split your students into groups of 4-7.

                  Team Prismic Squares from Clarence, NY participates in the On the Ball Instant Challenge.
Click here to download Destination Imagination’s On The Ball Instant Challenge.