Anna Palmer

CEO & Co-Founder, Wondermile

Anna Palmer holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and her professional background spans politics, fashion, and entrepreneurship. The unifying theme that connects these experiences is her passion for building and creating things from the ground up. “The skills I learned from DI were most formative and have influenced my daily life more than anything,” she said. “DI taught me that the solution almost always comes from outside the box, and it gave me the confidence to build and create my solution.” Anna does just that as the CEO of Wondermile, where she uses real-time problem solving and creativity to make it easy to discover and buy the products sitting in physical stores around you. With XFactor Ventures, she’s working to close the CEO gender gap by providing capital and connections for the next generation of female-led businesses. Collectively, she and her partners have founded 11 companies, raised over $150M in venture capital, and hired thousands of employees.