Renee Smith

English Teacher

Renee Smith is an international traveler. Her first flight was at the age of six to Germany, where she lived for three years. From January 2014 through April 2016, she completed her 27-month service with Peace Corps in Morocco, where she worked as a Youth Development Volunteer in a small desert town. In October 2016, she moved to South Korea, where she teaches English to adults.

Renee was on a Destination Imagination team for two years and continued with the program as a volunteer. “There are so many elements of DI that I use in my life. As an expat, you are always in a challenging situation. You should be learning a new language, navigating cultural norms, and deciding what food to try. Learning how to problem solve through Destination Imagination has helped me as a traveler because people are dynamic and there is never simply one way to handle an interaction. Teamwork is integral in a culture because each person has their role which keeps the community functioning. Creativity is needed with learning a new language because you’re not fluent so anything goes—words, gestures, sign language, pictures, Google translate, etc. You are always on stage performing; people are watching you even when you don’t realize it. When I travel abroad I represent not only myself, but my family, my country, and my race.”