Team Registration for the 2014-15 Season Now Open!

By: Tina Shaffer

It’s time to put on those creative thinking caps again because team registration for the 2014-15 season of Destination Imagination is officially open! From engineering to service learning to improvisation, this season’s new and unique Challenges are sure to stretch your imagination even further and take you on a journey of a lifetime—all while helping you learn and improve on your interpersonal and management skills, celebrate your creativity, persevere from imagination to innovation and, of course, have fun!
We look forward to seeing the amazing solutions you and your team come up with this season and wish you all the best of luck. 
Is this your first time participating in Destination Imagination? Registering is as easy as 1-2-3.
Step 1: Form a team! 2-7 team members + 1 adult Team Manager = 1 Destination Imagination team. 
Step 2: Purchase a Team Number! Go to ShopDI.org and select the “Team Number” option. If you would like to sign up more than one team, you can purchase additional numbers at a discount price. 
Step 3: Choose a Team Challenge to solve! After you purchase your Team Number(s), you can immediately download the 2014-15 Program Materials, which includes all 7 of this season’s Challenges and two extremely handy resources—Roadmap and Rules of the Road—to help you learn more about the details of the program, navigating Team and Instant Challenges, and preparing for tournaments. If you have trouble choosing a Challenge, you can use the multiple intelligence survey in Roadmap to help you and your team members decide which Team Challenge is most interesting. 
Want to learn more about what Destination Imagination can offer your child or your students?
Just take a look at some of the many skills our participants learn through our program. 
Across the nation and in 30 countries, school systems use the Destination Imagination program to augment their curriculum in order to teach students how to think, not just what to think. Our program Challenges infuse project management, creative imagination, collaboration, and communication skills with relevant content to engage students in a fun and supportive learning experience. Each year industry experts, parents, and educators come together to ensure that each of our Challenges advance 21st century learning that complements in-school lessons and content, as well as allowing students to find their voice. In addition, we are advocates for brain health and strive to have our students learn the value of positive thinking, mindfulness, empathy for others, and stress control (nutrition, sleep, and exercise) in relation to brain functioning. 
In 2011, researchers from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education conducted an independent research evaluation of the DI program and found that DI participants outperformed non-DI participants in creative thinking, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving—skills that employers want and our future needs. 
Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what some of our parents, educators and volunteers have to say about DI:
“DI is an incredible, selfless program that exists only to provide an unequalled opportunity for children to learn how take on the world, one challenge at a time. Teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, STEM, creativity…it’s all there.” – Sandra Whitney, parent
“Our public school system cannot provide this type of creative problem solving outlet for children and I want to help fill the gap. Seeing the children on my team experience personal growth through the fun process of solving their challenge affirms my belief of how important DI is.” – Colleen Bohlman, Team Manager
“DI is the best kept STEM secret in America.” – Randa Anderson, parent

Building the next generation of innovators and leaders begins with DI. Start a team today!