Tournament Travel Guide for Teams Now Available

Tournament Travel Guide for Teams Now Available

The 2017-18 Travel Guide for Teams is now available!

The Travel Guide tells you what to expect at your team’s tournament. Inside this guide, you will find information that includes what will happen at your Presentation Site and tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience.

Here are the most important things to know about your tournament:

  • The Tournament Team wants it to be a great experience for you! Everyone has worked very hard to set up your tournament so that you can have a great day filled with fun and creativity. Sometimes things don’t go as well as we would like, but we want you to know that your Tournament Team is doing the very best job they can. Who is your Tournament Team? It’s the Tournament Directors, Challenge Masters, Appraisers, your Team Managers and your parents – all the people who are working together to give your team a great, creative day where you can show off your Challenge solution!
  • We want to award your team points! The Appraisal Teams are going to work very hard to make sure that your team receives every possible point you earn. They aren’t looking for mistakes and they aren’t trying to find ways to deduct points from your score. They want to give you and every other team lots of points, but they need to be fair to all teams, and that means they can’t give you points you didn’t earn.

Make sure to download and read the entire Travel Guide for more tips. Best wishes to you and your team at the tournament!