Valedictorian Search for 2016

By: Kate Grimes

The Destination Imagination Global Finals High School and College Graduation Ceremony is a very special and moving event provided for all high school seniors and college students receiving degrees. The ceremony is a “traditional” graduation… with a DI flair, of course. (And yes, duct tape is involved!)

All team members or volunteers who are involved in the 2015-16 season of Destination Imagination and who are graduating from high school, college or university in 2016 may apply for this honor. Team members may apply regardless of whether their team qualifies to attend Global Finals. Volunteers may apply whether or not they are attending Global Finals as an Official. The named Valedictorian will receive $1000, plus 50% of the Team Scholarship contribution. The named DI Scholars will receive $250, plus 12% of the Team Scholarship contribution. Thanks to the generous individuals and organizations that donate annually to our Team Scholarship contribution.

If you would like to be considered for Valedictorian of the Global Finals 2016 Graduating Class, please complete the following by April 24, 2016 at 11:59pm (EST):

Furnish a recommendation from one individual.

  • This could be someone such as your Team Manager, counselor, school administrator or clergy member.

Tell us why you would like to be chosen.
Using the information below, please tell us why you would like to be chosen as the 2016 Destination Imagination Valedictorian. We are proud of the millions of young people that have participated in our program and the accomplishments they have achieved in their lives.

Please use your creativity to respond to the following questions:

  • How has Destination Imagination affected your life, and why is it important to get others involved in the program?

Use your creativity and choose one of the formats below to best reflect how Destination Imagination has affected your life, and why it is important to get others involved in the program.

  • Audio Tape: original song with lyrics – send original lyrics and a QuickTime or MP3 recording
  • Visual Presentation: PowerPoint (in ppt or pptx) or video (mp4 or YouTube link), or an artistic rendition (with an explanation)
  • Story: must be typed double-spaced and limited to 2 pages
  • Poem: must be typed and double-spaced or hand printed and limited to 2 pages
  • Essay: must be typed and double-spaced and limited to 2 pages
  • Internet Content: must be submitted in a form distributed via the Internet (free of intellectual property infringements and viewable with a standard browser)
  • Have another idea: Great! Go for it!
  • Click here to download and fill out this interactive form.

E-mail your recommendations, creative response (open format) and completed form to: [email protected]

All information must reach us by April 24, 2016 at 11:59 (EST).