Affiliate Directors

Affiliate Director: Genee McMahon

Affiliate Director: Richard Pinney

Regional Directors
Best of the Bay

Regional Director: Sharon Kovalevsky

Regional Director: Judy Lawrie

Central Coast

Regional Director: Karen Beaudin


Regional Director: Kathryn Folk

Regional Director: Neil McMahon

Regional Director: Beverly Webb


Regional Director: Shelley Larkin

Regional Director: James McCarthy

Regional Director: Cathy Sale

San Joaquin Valley

Regional Director: Michelle Piotrowski

Silicon Valley

Regional Director: Viresh Amin

Regional Director: Mary Jane Campbell

Waves to Dunes

Regional Director: Robbin Guy

Affiliate Events
Affiliate Tournament

Name: State Tournament

Date: 06 April 2019

Location: Buchanan High School, Clovis

Regional Tournament

Name: W2D Regional Tournament

Date: 10 March 2019

Location: Thurston Middle School-Laguna Beach

Region: Waves to Dunes

Regional Tournament

Name: BoB Regional Tournament

Date: 03 March 2019

Location: TBD

Region: Best of the Bay

Regional Tournament

Name: Region O.N.E. Tournament

Date: 02 March 2019

Location: Each Middle School-Roseville

Region: ONE

Regional Tournament

Name: Silicon Valley Regional Tournament

Date: 02 March 2019

Location: Fremont High School

Region: Silicon Valley

Regional Tournament

Name: LA-DI-Land Regional Tournament

Date: 24 February 2019

Location: TBD

Region: LA-DI-Land

Regional Tournament

Name: Central Coast Regional Tournament

Date: 23 February 2019

Location: Arroyo Grande High School

Region: Central Coast

Regional Tournament

Name: San Joaquin Regional Tournament

Date: 09 February 2019

Location: Alte Sierra Intermediate - Clovis

Region: San Joaquin Valley

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