Affiliate Directors

Affiliate Director: Sally Gold

Regional Directors

Regional Director: Christine Price

Regional Director: Wendy Simmons

East Central

Regional Director: Marcia Cole


Regional Director: Susan Bounds

North Central

Regional Director: Sally Gold

South Central

Regional Director: Teri Gregory

Regional Director: Sharon Munns


Regional Director: Joyce Campbell

West Central

Regional Director: Amrita Anand


Regional Director: Dan Henderson

Affiliate Events
Affiliate Tournament

Name: Maryland State Tournament

Date: 07 April 2018

Location: University of MD Baltimore County

Regional Tournament

Name: Southern Regional Tournament

Date: 17 March 2018

Location: North Point High School

Region: Southern

Regional Tournament

Name: Central Region

Date: 03 March 2018

Location: Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. HS

Region: Central

Regional Tournament

Name: West Central Regional Tournament

Date: 24 February 2018

Location: Briggs Chaney Middle School

Region: West Central

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