Destination Imagination (DI) gives students the chance to explore, collaborate, and create together. Make a plan today to launch that creative journey for the young people in your life.

If you’re brand new to DI, join us for an introductory webinar to learn about our program. You’ll learn how DI works, how to get started, how kids transform as a result, and all the essential details. We’ll even answer any questions you have, too.

If you prefer, you can also download a captioned on-demand version here. Then come back to this page to plan your team!

The DI Challenge season aligns with the Northern Hemisphere academic year. Most teams start between August and October. While Team Numbers for the 2021-22 Challenge season go on sale July 25, 2021, below are steps you can take now to ensure you and your team are ready to go.


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Spread the Word & Build Support

Whether you are a passionate parent or an enthusiastic educator, you want to make sure you will have support in your community. Spread the word about DI and how it benefits youth participants—share this webinar with the parents, teachers, or administrators you want in your corner when your team gets to work. Click the button below to send them an email about DI. And for more details on what it costs to do DI, check out our pricing page.


Assemble Your Team!

A DI team can consist of 2-7 students. Click Read our Rules Learn more about team formation in our Rules of the Road. Click Start Recruiting to email parents or teachers whose students might benefit from the DI experience. Scroll down for the age and grade requirements for each level of competition and click View 21-22 Challenges to see what’s in store for next season.  


Find Your Team Manager (Hint: Maybe it’s you!)

The Team Manager is an adult volunteer (often a parent or teacher) who guides the team through their creative journey – like a troop leader or a coach. DI provides training and resources to set Team Managers up for success!

DI Team Managers must be at least 18 years old and complete a background check. If you know who your Team Manager will be, they can start their background check anytime so they are ready to go on August 1!

Starting August 1 You Can Purchase Your Team Number.
In the Meantime…

While you’re waiting for the new Challenge season to start, here are few things you can do to keep your students engaged:


Students from kindergarten through university level participate in the
Destination Imagination Challenge Program. The following are the
age/grade requirements to participate in the 2021-22 Destination
Imagination Challenge Program:

Rising Stars®

Preschool through 2nd grade

Elementary Level

Kindergarten-5th Grade or
no student born before June 15, 2010


6th-8th Grade or
no student born before June 15, 2007

Secondary Level

9th-12th Grade or
no student born before June 15, 2003

College & University Level

Full-time, post-secondary students enrolled in college, university, trade, or technical school or in the military. College-bound high school seniors who are taking accredited courses offered by a college or university that will qualify for course credit when entering higher education.



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