About Our Logo

Our logo is an asset to our organization, and a key marker for audiences to identify our organization when they receive our materials and participate in our programs. Help us protect the logo and avoid misuse, which can lead to a dilution of our brand identity.

Logo Usage

The use by teams of Destination Imagination, Inc. logos including Global Finals, Destination Imagination, Box and Ball and the Challenge Logos is prohibited with the following exception:

  • Paid Team Number Participants – Teams/individuals – registered with Destination Imagination Affiliates may produce “hand-made” art (homemade or made by the team members)  on team/individual shirts or other items utilizing the words “Destination Imagination®.”
  • No license fee to Destination Imagination Inc. is required as long as the total number of each homemade product is less than 21 per team and the team has made them themselves.

Note: Vendors or commercial establishments are not allowed to participate in the production of these “hand-made” products.

For information on creating commercially made pins for any official Destination Imagination event, including Global Finals, please download and follow the policies outlined in our Brand & Style Guide here.


If you have questions about our brand guidelines please email [email protected].