5 Things to Do At Your Local Tournament

A Destination Imagination team walks together into a Global Finals event in a park.

By: Andrew Whitmire, DI Alumnus

So, your team has been working REALLY hard to complete your solution to your Team Challenge and practicing Instant Challenge in between. Your local tournament is coming up and you are getting super excited to not only present your solution but to also see all of the other teams that have chosen your Challenge. What other solutions will you see? Who will you meet? The possibilities are endless! To help you get the most out of tournament day, here are some extra fun things that you and your team can do.

  1. Find a Buddy Team: At your tournament, there will be a lot of teams from your area. Choose a Challenge you would like to see, as well as a team you would like to meet. Introduce yourselves and ask the team members about their solution, their creative process or how much fun they have doing DI. You never know when you might find a lifelong friend.
  2. Watch a Team in Another Challenge: Over the last few months and weeks, you have been solving just one Challenge. However, there are up to five other competitive Challenges that teams are solving and presenting their solutions to at the tournament. Try and see a Team Challenge solution for every Challenge.
  3. Grab a Meal and Celebrate: After your team has presented its Team Challenge and Instant Challenge solutions, it’s time to celebrate before the Closing Celebration and awards. Go out for a meal and while you are there, talk about your favorite parts of the day and what you saw or learned. This is a great way to reflect on the journey your team took to get to the tournament.
  4. Practice Instant Challenge: Every team at the tournament will be presented with a never-before-seen Instant Challenge. If you have time, get some last-minute practice in. You could find a table in the cafeteria or a quiet, unused classroom if there is one available.
  5. Thank a Volunteer: There are sometimes hundreds of volunteers that are necessary to put on a Destination Imagination tournament experience. Local volunteers spend countless hours preparing to give you and your team the best possible time while you are there. Be sure to thank at least one volunteer at your tournament.


Whether you choose to try one of these tournament day activities or make up your own, remember to have FUN! Destination Imagination is a safe place where you can just be you. In fact, it is celebrated! So go ahead and have a blast!