Destination Imagination is seeking new volunteers to help equip students with the skills needed to help them become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We are seeking support from individuals with interests in web design, marketing, fundraising, recruiting, training, social media, event coordination and more.

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Volunteer Roles

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available to directly support students in your area.


The Team Manager is the mentor/coach who helps guide the team through their creative process. DI provides training and resources to help Team Managers feel set up for success. It’s a big time commitment, but the Team Manager is able to set the practice schedule, and they get a special inside perspective on the team’s progress. To learn more about becoming a Team Manager, click here to talk to us about starting a team.


Appraisers are the officials who provide scores and feedback at a tournament. Appraisers typically commit to one day of training and one day at a tournament. In many cases, Appraisers volunteer to represent a specific school, organization, or team at their local tournament. To learn more about becoming an Appraiser, contact your local Affiliate Director.


Each Affiliate will need additional Officials to support the teams’ experience at their tournament. These tasks may include: running a registration table, helping teams check their paperwork, giving directions at a tournament site, and/or additional duties as needed. Being an Official is typically a one day commitment. Officials often volunteer to represent a specific school, organization, or team at their local tournament. To learn more about becoming an Official, contact your local Affiliate director.


Individual teams sometimes ask for additional support – often from parents/guardians of the team members! Supporting a team might involve teaching a skill, helping find supplies, sharing a snack, or additional duties as needed. The time commitment will vary based on the needs of the team.

Affiliate Operations

These are volunteers who take on a leadership role with their Affiliate- often after having served as an Appraiser, Official, or Team Manager. These positions may involve training, facilitating a tournament, fundraising, social media, promoting DI to local schools/organizations, or other duties as needed.

Challenge Writers/Dissectors

These are the volunteers who help brainstorm, write, and edit the Team Challenges and Instant Challenges used by our teams each year. Challenge Writers and Dissectors work remotely, and commit to regular online meetings over the course of six months. To learn more about becoming a Challenge Writer or Dissector, email us at [email protected].

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Check out our online training portal for Team Managers and Officials. Email [email protected].

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