Igniting 21st-Century, Durable Skills in Camps, Classrooms, and Clubs

SkillFire is scalable, flexible curriculum designed to teach the creative process alongside 21st-century, durable skills to a broad audience of young learners.

Built for Impact

Four students sitting in a classroom looking forward and smiling
Many experiences meant for youth programs require resources like staff and transportation. Other barriers like high adult-to-student ratios, inconsistent attendance, and varying schedules can make it difficult to implement and make a real impact.
SkillFire lesson plans were developed to overcome these common obstacles and give students in ALL spaces access to the transformational experiences that Destination Imagination is known for.
SkillFire can…
  • work in student groups of any size and that vary day-to-day.
  • be used with students from kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • work any time of year and on any schedule.
  • remove the need to travel to a tournament or showcase.
  • require only limited, easily obtainable materials.

SkillFire introduces and reinforces…

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Dramatic Play
  • Self-Expression
  • Project Management
  • Material Properties
  • Resource Awareness
  • Literary Analysis
  • Research
  • Technical Design
  • Goal-Setting
  • Improvisation
  • Rapid Ideation

Who can use SkillFire?

  • Public & private after-school programs
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • YMCAs and YWCAs
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Summer/STEAM Camps
  • Classroom teachers
  • Library and Museum Programs

How does SkillFire work?

SkillFire’s components are meant to introduce students to certain skills, and then enforce and build on those skills in a meaningful way. We also offer a Capstone Assembly Kit to help you celebrate and recognize your SkillFire students. Each component is a digital download that you can start using right away!

SkillFire Handbook | $199

The SkillFire Handbook includes 16 sessions, each lasting 45-60 minutes each, to introduce key skills. Along with facilitator instructions, each session is broken into two activities:

  • Skill Starter: a team-building activity to introduce new concepts.
  • Skill Builder: a longer activity to reinforce learning.
  • Includes FREE Scheduling Guide

Bundle and Save $50

Purchase all four components of SkillFire and receive a $50 discount on your entire order.

SkillFire Skill Extenders | $59

SkillFire Skill Extenders includes 3 medium-length activities for more detailed skills practice and can be completed in a total of 2-5 hours, or over several days:

  • Skill Extender 1: Performance-based
  • Skill Extender 2: Task-based
  • Skill Extender 3: A hybrid activity that is both performance- and task-based
  • Includes FREE Scheduling Guide

SkillFire Skill Master | $39

The SkillFire Skill Master is a longer Challenge for use as a long-term project. The Skill Master will reinforce technical and artistic skills, or you can choose to focus on just one skill set. The Skill Master can be solved in a total of 5-7 hours, or over several days – but longer timeframes can lead to more elaborate solutions. Includes FREE Scheduling Guide.

SkillFire Capstone Assembly Kit | $79

The Capstone Assembly Kit provides everything you need to produce an interactive celebration and/or recognition ceremony for your SkillFire students. All of these resources are downloadable directly from the PDF:

  • Editable Assembly Program (in Microsoft Word format)
  • Welcome Video from DI’s CEO and Director of Education
  • Fillable PDF Award Certificates
  • Editable Slideshow Template (in Microsoft PowerPoint format)
  • General DI Flier for audience members

Includes FREE Scheduling Guide.

Bundle and Save $50

Purchase all four components of SkillFire and receive a $50 discount on your entire order.

SkillFire Scheduling Guide | FREE

Your purchase of any SkillFire component will include our Scheduling Guide – a document outlining different ways to schedule your club, class, or camp with tips on all the resources needed to create a great experience.

Ready to light a fire?


Download a FREE SAMPLE of the SkillFire Handbook to try. You will get one complete Skill Session, including the facilitator guide.