Back To School STEAM: Book Tower Challenge

Black, white and orange illustrations of books that are open or closed

When you come across tower activities for kids, you might think, “This looks easy. How does this benefit my kids?” First, don’t be fooled! Tower challenges can be more difficult than you think. Second, in addition to teaching children basic STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles, tower activities teach kids a wide range of […]

Team Tips: How to Choose a Challenge

Destination Imagination team at Global Finals 2022

Welcome to a brand-new season of Destination Imagination (DI)! Your team is about to embark on an incredible journey together and we are so excited to see what you will learn and create over the next several months.  One of the first things you will do as a DI team is choose a Team Challenge […]

Our 2022-23 Team Challenges are here 🚀

4 Destination Imagination teams and the 22-23 Team Challenge logos

Welcome to a brand-new season of Destination Imagination! This is our 24th season and we are so excited to welcome students, parents, teachers, and volunteers from around the world.  Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Our 2022-23 Team Challenges are now available. From engineering a rollercoaster to reimagining a famous story, we have […]

Paper Tower STEAM Activity

Young boy wearing glasses and building a tower out of paper

It’s back-to-school season, and what better way to get kids excited about a new school year than with a fun ice breaker to help everyone get to know one another. The Paper Tower challenge has been around for decades and is easily one of the best STEAM activities of all time–and for good reason. First, […]

2022 Digital Open: A Virtual STEAM Competition

2022 Digital Open

Looking for a STEAM program that’s flexible enough to meet your needs? Join us for the 2022 Digital Open! The Digital Open is a seven-week, travel-free STEAM competition open to elementary, middle school, high school, and university students worldwide. Teams can solve the challenge together in-person, remotely, at school or from the comfort of their […]

15 Screen-Free STEAM Activities for Kids

Photo of a young boy holding a small planter with a growing seedling.

How many times have you heard “I’m bored” from your kids? Probably too many to count. A lot of times when kids are bored, they’ll turn to screens–television, video games, tablets. And when you’re busy or exhausted, it may be difficult to figure out some new activities for them.  Check out these 15 screen-free activities […]

Students Make Amazing Happen Across the World

Students Make Amazing Happen Across the World. Photo includes pictures of 3 teams that participated in the ImagineXperience program.

Congratulations to all of our 2022 ImagineXperience teams who showed the world how creative, innovative, and extraordinary you can be when you stretch the limits of your imagination and collaborate with others to bring your ideas to life. You all truly made amazing happen. We would also like to thank all of our Team Managers, […]

Passover STEAM Activity: Matzo Maneuver

Text says, "Passover STEAM Challenge" and includes a photo of matzo.

Ready for a STEAM challenge you can’t passover? For this holiday-themed activity, kids will pretend to be chefs at a restaurant and will create one or more devices that can be used to serve matzo balls to a very hungry customer. See how many matzo balls they can serve in under 3 minutes! Matzo Maneuver […]

Our 2022-23 Challenge Previews Are Here!

22-23 Destination Imagination Challenge Previews. Image includes the logos for next season's challenges.

It may still be tournament season, but our Challenge Writers and Educational Experiences team have been hard at work on our 22-23 Team Challenges. Get a sneak peek at the wildly creative ride we have in store for the next season of Destination Imagination. Will your team engineer your own roller coaster? Improvise an epic […]

Introducing Envision: A Robotics Experience for Young Innovators

Introducing Envision: A New Educational Experience for Young Innovators

This May, make an impact for the students in your life with an immersive robotics experience like no other. Envision is a four-day collaborative STEAM camp for kids in grades 6-12. Students will learn how to assemble and program a robot using Pitsco’s TETRIX Prime robotics kit and then work together in teams to build […]

Important Global Finals 2022 Announcement

Important Global Finals 2022 Announcement

Thank you for your hard work in keeping Destination Imagination available and accessible for the young people in your communities. Your patience and flexibility are deeply appreciated as we continue to navigate the Challenge Experience through a global pandemic that we all hoped would be behind us by now. After two long years, we are […]