Take Your DI Skills to Poland!

Photo of a Polish Destination Imagination team at Global Finals.

Explore one of the most beautiful cities in Poland while practicing your DI skills and Team Challenge solution! Destination Imagination Poland is inviting all registered DI teams around the world to participate in their 2024 Affiliate Tournament. The DI Poland Affiliate Tournament will take place in Wroclaw from March 11–13, 2024, and is an amazing […]

Destination Imagination Named in Top 100 Education Innovators

Destination Imagination has been selected for the HundrED Global Collection 2024.

We are thrilled to announce that Destination Imagination (DI) has been named one of HundrED’s Top 100 most impactful innovations that are changing the face of education for 2024. This is DI’s second year in a row receiving this honor. Destination Imagination (DI) was chosen out of more than 3,000 applicants for our impact in […]

Instant Challenge: Exploring Material Properties

Photo of paper straws, newspaper, paper cups and chenille stems (pipe cleaners). Text says, "Exploring Material Properties: Improve Your Team's Instant Challenge Skills."

The Instant Challenge component of the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience helps your team learn how to quickly assess a situation, make a plan, and work together to create a solution in a very short period of time. A variety of our Instant Challenges require your team to use certain materials to solve the Challenge. When […]

Journal Review: Destination Imagination’s Impact on Superior Performance Competencies

Destination Imagination logo on a gray background.

We are thrilled to announce that Destination Imagination (DI) has been featured in the Archives of Business Research journal, highlighting how DI helps students to develop superior performance competencies, including effective communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, relationship building, problem-solving, time management, risk management, active listening, leadership, resilience, respect for and acceptance of other cultures, and […]

Bring Your DI Skills to Türkiye!

Volunteers from Destination Imagination Turkey celebrate at their tournament.

Ready to take your DI skills abroad? Destination Imagination Türkiye is opening up its 2024 Affiliate Tournament to all registered teams across the globe! The DI Türkiye Affiliate Tournament will take place in Antalya from February 22-25, 2024, and is an opportunity for international teams to meet new people, showcase their creativity, and immerse themselves […]

Navigating Destination Imagination: How to Choose the Perfect Program

Image contains colorful paint splashes around the border. Text says, "Navigating Destination Imagination: How to Choose the Perfect Program for Your Students."

Creativity is a skill that is essential in today’s world. It is the ability to think outside the box, come up with new ideas, and solve problems in innovative ways. At Destination Imagination, our goal is to teach kids and teens the creative process—a step-by-step approach that helps them to better understand problems, ask better […]

Instant Challenge: Inspiring Teams to Think on the Spot

A Destination Imagination team solves an Instant Challenge at Global Finals. Text says, "Instant Challenge: Inspiring Teams on the Spot."

At a Destination Imagination (DI) tournament, teams will solve one Instant Challenge in addition to presenting their Team Challenge solution. However, unlike a Team Challenge, where teams have months to prepare, plan, and create their solution, teams will have just minutes to solve their Instant Challenge.   Instant Challenge is worth 25% of a team’s […]

7 Life Skills Kids Learn in Destination Imagination

A group of students work together as a team on their Destination Imagination Team Challenge solution. Text says, "7 Life Skills Destination Imagination Teaches Kids."

As parents and caregivers, one of our main goals is to ensure that our children are equipped with the necessary tools to navigate life successfully. Alongside academic knowledge, teaching kids life skills is crucial to fostering independence, resilience, and confidence. It also helps to empower children to tackle challenges, make informed decisions, and develop into […]

Team Tips: Understanding Clarifications

A young boy is holding his finger to his mouth, gesturing that he's thinking about something. Text says: "Team Tips: Understanding Clarifications."

As your team members begin developing a solution to their Challenge, they may run into sections they find unclear. If your team runs into this issue, or has a question about something stated in Rules of the Road, the Team Manager can submit a Team Clarification on the team’s behalf. Each team can ask up […]

Our 2023-24 Team Challenges are Here!

Destination Imagination's 23-24 Challenge Logos

It’s time to kick off a brand-new season of the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience! All seven 2023-24 Team Challenges are now available in our Resource Area. (Please note that our Team Challenges can only be accessed by those who have purchased a Team Number.) Check out what’s in store for this year’s STEAM competition. CHALLENGE EXPERIENCE […]

Show Us Your Team’s Creative Process!

Photo of a Destination Imagination participant with a large, colorful hand prop. Text says, "Show us your team's creative process."

Destination Imagination (DI) is seeking Team Managers to serve as DI Correspondents for the 23-24 season. DI Correspondents will contribute photos, videos, and/or guest blog content to be utilized on DI’s website and social media.  So often, we only get to see DI teams in tournaments or at an awards ceremony – meaning we don’t […]

23-24 Team Numbers Now Available!

Destination Imagination's 23-24 Challenge Logos

Ready to use your creativity and imagination in an adventure of a lifetime? We are thrilled to kick off our 2023-24 season of Destination Imagination (DI)! Teams can choose to be part of our in-person Challenge Experience, where they can take on one of our seven standard STEAM-based Team Challenges, or they can opt for our […]