Team Tips: Understanding Clarifications

A young boy is holding his finger to his mouth, gesturing that he's thinking about something. Text says: "Team Tips: Understanding Clarifications."

As your team members begin developing a solution to their Challenge, they may run into sections they find unclear. If your team runs into this issue, or has a question about something stated in Rules of the Road, the Team Manager can submit a Team Clarification on the team’s behalf.

Each team can ask up to 10 questions during the season. Your team’s Clarifications will not be shared with any other team. Before submitting a question, however, be sure to check for any Published Clarifications for your team’s Challenge. We release a Published Clarification when our International Challenge Masters feel there is an issue about a Team Challenge or Rules of the Road that all teams should know about. A Published Clarification supersedes the Team Challenge and Rules of the Road, as well as a Team Clarification.

To find out about any issued Published Clarifications, go to the Clarifications page on the Destination Imagination website and select your Team Challenge.

Please urge your team members to ask about anything they do not understand in their Team Challenge or in Rules of the Road, and encourage them to check regularly for Published Clarifications.

The deadline for submitting Team Clarifications is January 31, 2024. No Clarification requests will be accepted after that date!

For more tips on managing your team this season and guiding them through the creative process, be sure to download our Roadmap guide in the Resource Area.