Become a Team Challenge Dissector

School-inpsired theme with colorful images of a eaker, pencil, book, ruler, etc. Text says, "Become a Team Challenge Dissector."

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the next generation of creative problem solvers? We are excited to announce that applications to become a Destination Imagination (DI) Team Challenge Dissector are now open! This is your chance to play a crucial role in shaping the DI Challenges that inspire and empower students around the world.

Why Become a Dissector?
As a Team Challenge Dissector, you will have the unique opportunity to engage with DI as an adult volunteer. By meticulously reviewing and refining Challenges, you’ll help ensure that we continue to offer high-quality, engaging educational experiences. Imagine the sense of pride you’ll feel knowing that your input helped shape the very Team Challenges that ignite creativity and innovation in young minds around the world!

Who Are We Looking For?
Diversity is at the heart of what makes our Team Challenge Dissection process so effective. By bringing together individuals from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, and careers, we ensure that the Challenges we develop are well-rounded, inclusive, and capable of resonating with a wide array of students. Whether you’re an educator, an engineer, an entrepreneur, or a grad student who sees and values the importance of the creative process and 21st-century skills, we want you to apply! 

The Team Challenge Dissection process requires Dissectors to individually review up to 2 drafts of one Team Challenge that is currently in development. The first draft will be sent to Dissectors on August 5, with feedback due by August 19. The second draft will be sent to Dissectors on September 2, with feedback due by September 16.

We are looking for individuals with deep knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • The Destination Imagination Challenge Experience, with specialized knowledge of one or more Team Challenge types (Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Engineering, Service Learning)
  • Subject area experience (occupation, coursework, or other experience that falls within a Team Challenge type)
  • Education (this could include in a school, after-school program, administration, etc.)
  • Diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion work (in any setting)

No previous experience as a Dissector is necessary! We welcome and encourage applicants who are new to the process! 

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older on or before August 1, 2024. Additionally, applicants must be able to participate fully in the Dissection process, providing feedback according to the timeline for both drafts. Dissections must be submitted online.

All parts of an application must be received by July 17, 2024. 

The Educational Experiences Team at Destination Imagination will review each submission individually and put together a Dissection team for each Team Challenge in development. Applicants who are selected to be Dissection team members will be notified by July 22. 

Ready to Dive In?
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to contribute to the future of Destination Imagination! Click here to fill out the 2024 Dissector application