Become an Instant Challenge Developer!

Illustration of a red cup with colorful straws coming out the top. Text says, "Become an Instant Challenge Developer"

Have ideas for Instant Challenges? We are excited to announce that the applications to become a Destination Imagination Instant Challenge Developer are now available! Becoming a member of the Instant Challenge Development team is a great way to engage with DI as an adult volunteer. By bringing together varied, like-minded, and collaborative people, DI has been able to continue to develop engaging and high-quality educational experiences for students. 

We are looking for educational professionals, artists, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, parents, and many others to help us craft the best possible Instant Challenges for our future participants. 

Timeline: The Instant Challenge Development process begins in the spring and continues through the summer. It culminates in Instant Challenge Testing, which will be scheduled at a later date.

Experience: No previous experience is necessary. We welcome new applicants!

Requirements: You must be 21 years of age or older on or before April 1, 2024. Additionally, you must be able to participate fully in the development process, including Instant Challenge Testing.

Take Note: All parts of the application will be submitted at the same time. 

If selected, you must not be a Team Manager during the 2025-26, 2026-27, or 2027-28 seasons. All parts of your application must be received by April 1, 2024. 

Writing Sample: In order to be considered for the Instant Challenge Development team, you must send us your best sample Instant Challenge, which must: 

  • Be no longer than one page in length.
  • Give us an idea of your Challenge writing style and writing ability.
  • Be submitted in English.
  • Be submitted as a PDF attachment on the Instant Challenge application. 

Your Instant Challenge may be of any type: Performance-Based, Task-Based, or a combination of the two. Please follow a format that is similar to the example Instant Challenges. However, your format does not need to match exactly. You can find example Instant Challenges here

Once we have received all the submissions, the Educational Experiences Team at Destination Imagination will review each submission individually and assemble the Instant Challenge Development team. We will notify selected Instant Challenge Development team members by the end of April. Please note that becoming an Instant Challenge Developer is a multi-year commitment. If you are chosen, you will be expected to develop Challenges for at least the next three years.

Application: Click here to fill out the Instant Challenge Development application. Be sure to submit all parts by April 1, 2024.