Exploring Your Future Through the Agilities

A photo of a Destination Imagination team at Global Finals 2023 after they took their Agilities test.

By Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director and COO, The DeBruce Foundation

It is time to kick off another amazing Destination Imagination (DI) season! The DeBruce Foundation is proud to partner with Destination Imagination to bring resources to students, Team Managers, and volunteers to expand career literacy and build confidence among young people involved in DI!

At The DeBruce Foundation, we’ve identified work skills that are used in every job throughout the workforce. These work skills, which we call Agilities, can be learned, practiced, and cultivated over time. They can also be very helpful as you build and develop your DI teams over the next months.

Destination Imagination plays a critical role in helping young people grow and develop their Agilities while encouraging, empowering, and expanding each student’s network.

Get to know more about the Agilities, then consider how you leverage them in your life, work, and extracurricular activities. By knowing the Agilities you are using day to day, you’re more prepared to help your students name and explore the Agilities they’re using, learning, and developing every day. Also, check out our latest video on mentoring with the Agilities for more ideas.

We have set up a link to the Agilities Work Profiler that is just for Destination Imagination teams. Early in your DI season, have your team members take the AWP and have their results sent to their email address (or print the results). Your team members can share the results and use what they’ve learned to divide the tasks and responsibilities as they plan, design, and build their Challenge solution. Your team will be able to take the AWP again at the end of the DI season and see how team members’ Agilities grow and develop during the DI experience.

Our team has truly enjoyed partnering with Destination Imagination during the 2022 and the 2023 Global Finals in our hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. We followed up those interactions with virtual training during your Team Manager IGNITE sessions in June. We are getting great feedback on how students are using their Agilities during their work in DI, and we want to keep that momentum going!

We wish you a wonderful Destination Imagination year ahead! Thank you for investing in the students you serve. The future is bright!