Join Our DI Through the Years Photo Contest

Destination Imagination Through theYears Photo Contest. Image includes an illustration of a Party Animal pin to celebrate 25 years of Destination Imagination.

Prepare to journey back in time with us! Dust off those photo albums, dig out those SD cards, and take a whimsical trip through the realms of creativity and innovation. We’re excited to introduce our DI Through the Years Photo Contest, the second chapter of our Share for Creativity campaign to celebrate 25 years of Destination Imagination.

Open to everyone! Whether you’re a longtime volunteer or just starting your journey, your participation matters. From participants to parents to alumni, we invite you all to join the fun!

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Submit your photos: Share your most memorable DI Challenge moments from any year! The contest is open for submissions until March 21.
  • Cast your votes: Invite your family and friends to vote for you! Voting opens on March 11 and runs until April 1.
  • Let the nostalgia flow: Relive the joy and creativity of DI with your fellow teammates and volunteers. 

Everyone who participates will also have the opportunity to win a commemorative 25th Anniversary DI Party Animal pin – a fantastic collector’s item for any DI enthusiast!

Your memories are the heart of DI. Join our DI Through the Years Photo Contest and help us to create a collective tapestry of experiences that define the essence of Destination Imagination.