Team Meeting Activity: Crazy Hat Challenge

Illustration of a facial costume, consisting of round glasses, a mustache and a colorful jester hat.

Looking for more activities for your DI team meetings? Inspire creative thinking and help your team members practice their presentation skills with this Crazy Hat Challenge from Pennsylvania Team Manager, Jackie Wynkoop!


Design and construct a unique and imaginative crazy hat that incorporates STEAM elements and represents what Destination Imagination is to you. The hat should be visually appealing, functional, and demonstrate creativity in utilizing STEAM-inspired features.


  • Assorted craft materials (e.g., cardstock, foam sheets, pipe cleaners, feathers, sequins, fabric, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (hot glue or craft glue)
  • Tape
  • STEAM-related materials (e.g., plastic tubing, small plastic bottles, cotton, etc.)
  • Decorative elements (ribbons, buttons, beads, etc.)
  • Any additional materials that may be required based on individual design ideas


Brainstorm: Begin by brainstorming and sketching out ideas for your STEAM-powered crazy hat. Consider various steam elements that can be incorporated, such as steam pipes, gears, pressure gauges, or any other imaginative elements that come to mind.

Design and Plan: Based on your sketches and ideas, create a detailed plan for your crazy hat. Identify the materials you will need and think about how you will construct and assemble the different elements.

Gather Materials: Collect all the necessary materials for your hat. Make sure you have a variety of craft supplies, STEAM-related materials, and decorative elements to customize your design.

Construct the Base: Start by creating a sturdy base for your hat. This can be a simple cap or headband that fits comfortably on your head. Use appropriate materials such as foam or cardstock and secure them in place.

Add STEAM Elements: Incorporate the STEAM-inspired elements into your hat design. Get creative and experiment with different materials and techniques.

Decorate and Embellish: Use your craft supplies to decorate and embellish your hat. Add feathers, sequins, ribbons, buttons, or any other decorative elements that align with your design theme. The wilder and more creative, the better!

Test and Refine: Once you have completed the construction and decoration of your hat, wear it and test its stability and comfort. Make any necessary adjustments or refinements to ensure it stays securely on your head while looking fabulous.

Showcase: Finally, showcase your hat to your teammates and Team Manager(s). Be sure to explain the inspiration behind your design and highlight the unique STEAM elements you incorporated. Remember, the primary goal of this challenge is to unleash your creativity and have fun while constructing a crazy hat that incorporates STEAM elements. Enjoy the process, and let your imagination run wild!

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