Young Innovators Exchange

In 2022, Destination Imagination teamed up with Pitsco Education to create the Envision program. Envision celebrated the convergence of technology and the arts through robotics and storytelling. Teams dove deep into the world of robotics, mechatronics, and fantasy in a one-of-a-kind STEAM challenge. Teams utilized Pitsco’s TETRIX robotics kits to design and build their very own fantasy creations. The kits included servos, controllers, connectors, gears, and much more that teams took home with them after the event.


Event Schedule


Day 1

Event orientation and a half-day workshop for teams with educational robotics company Pitsco.


Day 2

Teams receive all the challenge details, tools, and materials that they will need to be successful. Each team will get to work in their own workspace.


Day 3

Teams continue to develop, design and build their unique solutions.


Day 4

Teams share and celebrate their creations in a showcase event and receive feedback and ratings from a panel of experts.