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Transformative STEM Learning for K-12 Students

In 2021 and 2022, Destination Imagination teamed up with Lumen Technologies to create the imagineXperience program. The imagineXperience program was designed to inspire teams of K-12 students to collaborate, innovate, and learn new STEM skills in a noncompetitive environment. It gave students living in underserved communities access to a project-based learning challenge and tools that reinforced social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies—social awareness, relationship skills, self-confidence, and responsible decision-making. It helped students learn about cutting-edge topics, including Artificial Intelligence, and explore the world of creative storytelling. 

The virtual STEM program allowed students to participate no matter where they lived.

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Growing STEM Access Across Three Continents

Equity is a key component to success in STEM literacy, and we all have a responsibility in helping to ensure that children—particularly underserved students—have access to high-quality STEM learning. In 2021, participation in our pilot program spanned three continents, with teams located in the U.S., Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Botswana, and Zanzibar. Participants reported that their confidence grew in a variety of areas, including public speaking, teamwork, computer science, robotics, and more.

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96.29% of participants would consider doing The imagineXperience again.

1 %
Of Students Gained Confidence to Express Ideas
1 %
Of Students Gained Confidence in Front of Groups
1 %
Of Students Gained Confidence with Computer Science
1 %
Of Students Gained Confidence with Teamwork
1 %
Of Students Gained Confidence with AI and Robotics