S2 Episode 8: Johnny Wells

In our season finale, host Michele Tuck-Ponder shares a conversation with DI’s Director of Education, Johnny Wells! Johnny tells us his opinions on the four Cs, shares how his 30 years as a teacher prepared him for the world of DI, and gives us some behind-the-scenes knowledge of how decisions are made at Destination Imagination […]

S2 Episode 7: Shira Ali

This week, host Andrew Whitmire chats with Shira Ali, founder of REI Chics, a property management training and consulting firm. Shira takes us through the decision making process behind leaving her corporate job to start her own business, and gives us some insights to the many skill sets she uses in her work. You can […]

S2 Episode 6: Teri Tizvi

In this episode, host Michele Tuck-Ponder chats with the University of Dayton’s Teri Rivzi, author and co-founder of the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. Teri tells us about the inspiration behind the creation of this famous writing workshop. We also learn more about Teri’s new book, One Heart with Courage, and how she finds time to […]

S2 Episode 5: Global Finals

Important Global Finals 2022 Announcement

This week, most of our staff and volunteers are in Kansas City, Missouri, for our Global Finals tournament. If you’ve never attended Global Finals, it’s an event unlike any other – so we asked some of our alumni to describe their experience for you. A transcript of this episode is available here. Music Attributions Wallpaper […]

S2 Episode 4: Antwaun Thompson

In this week’s episode, host Michele Tuck-Ponder chats with Antwaun Thompson, aka Coach T, Executive Director of JLT Fieldhouse and owner of Coach T’s Corner. Coach T shares his stories from the basketball court and tells us about the leadership skills that can be gained through team sports. You can learn more about Coach T […]

S2 Episode 3: Malika Dudley

“I don’t balance. Nope. I feel like that’s just not a thing. There is no balance…communication research backs this up; you shouldn’t multitask…your brain doesn’t work that way. When I’m doing news, I am just doing news.” – Malika Dudley   This week, host Paige Curtis sits down with Malika Dudley, broadcast meteorologist for KITV4 […]

S2 Episodes 1 & 2: John and Mark Cronin, Part 1 & 2

Part 1 “We’re in this for the long haul, so we’re looking to make personal connections and share the experience with our customers – we’re looking to create an experience for our customers. Once you believe that, then it becomes manifest in everything you do.” – Mark X. Cronin   In our Season 2 premiere, host […]