S2 Episode 3: Malika Dudley

Podcast-Image-S2-E2-C-Aubrey Hord

“I don’t balance. Nope. I feel like that’s just not a thing. There is no balance…communication research backs this up; you shouldn’t multitask…your brain doesn’t work that way. When I’m doing news, I am just doing news.” – Malika Dudley  

This week, host Paige Curtis sits down with Malika Dudley, broadcast meteorologist for KITV4 Island News in Hawaii! Malika talks us through her process for communicating big information with the masses and how remote work options opened up new possibilities. Malika also shares a bit about her multitude of other projects – including The Communification Podcast – and how she navigates having many roles.

You can learn more about Malika and the Communification Podcast by visiting MalikaDudley.com.

A transcript of this episode is available here.