Shared Identity: How It Can Help Your DI Team

A Destination Imagination poses for a photo before their presentation at Global Finals.

A team meeting somewhere: This video could be about a high school Destination Imagination (DI) team or team at a startup. I think one of the most surprising things I learned while I managed my children’s Destination Imagination teams was that most of what happened in their teams happened in my work teams as well. […]

Announcing Our New DI Learn LMS!

A photo of a Destination Imagination team posing for a photo and wearing matching blue t-shirts. Text says, "Destination Imagination Learning Portal: Trainings & Resources. Sponsored by PMIEF."

We are excited to announce that Destination Imagination has moved to a new learning platform called DI Learn, which is now live! Within a week of assigning yourself as a Team Manager for your team in the Resource Area, you will receive an invitation email from [email protected]. Your account will be automatically set up, and […]

How Destination Imagination Helps Kids Thrive Socially and Emotionally

How Destination Imagination Helps Kids Thrive Socially and Emotionally

If your kids or students have participated in Destination Imagination (DI) for a while, you may have seen them improve their social and emotional skills (see part 1 of this blog here). As a parent who managed 22 DI teams over 15 years, I certainly noticed that social and emotional behaviors improved in most of the […]

Social-Emotional Learning: Why It’s Vital for Students

Social-Emotional Learning: Why It's Vital for Students

When it comes to social-emotional learning (SEL), research confirms that it positively impacts children’s lives. While social-emotional skills, also known as soft skills, are vital to our students’ futures, you may be wondering which skills and behaviors you need to be looking for in your students. CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) defines […]